Blossom – The Growing Trend for Green Gardening Solutions

When watering is going to be needed, Blossom’s ‘smart watering algorithm’ goes to work by identifying exactly how much water a garden needs to keep it healthy.

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Smart Sprinklers Can Save Water

The Blossom is quick to install – up and running after a few questions about your yard. For greater water savings, take extra time to provide the Blossom more details and fine-tune suggested watering times.


Clean Tech Internet of Things Startup Aims to Ease Drought Conditions

Blossom has the ability to aggregate anonymous user data on how weather, region and watering requirements all relate. They will be able to use this data to help local water districts and municipalities better understand the effectiveness of their policies and pricing.


Look what’s Blossoming in Irvine

For California homeowners facing mandatory water usage restrictions this summer, Blossom provides a hassle-free and cost-efficient way to manage irrigation systems and conserve water.

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Blossom: The growing trend for green gardening solutions

As well as being water-efficient, the [Blossom] system is also designed to be highly energy-efficient.


The Blossom Sprinkler System Waters your Plants Based on the Weather

When used to its full potential, [Blossom] can shave as much as 30 percent off your annual watering and irrigation bill. At this rate, you could easily get your money back after the first year. Not many smart devices out in the market today offer the same return of investment.

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Enjoy a Futuristic Life with These Amazing Smart Home Appliances

It’s a known fact that 50% of irrigation water is often wasted. With Blossom, you’ll be able to reduce that percentage by sticking to a proper watering schedule for your lawn and stop over-watering forever.

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Blossom – Smart Watering Controller

Blossom will access hundreds of data points across your yard and determine a customized watering solution for you…That perfect piece of technology for gardeners is finally here!

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The controller was easy to set up There was a small snag during install but their customer service is top notch and was immediately available for a quick fix. The app allowed me to go out in the yard, with my cell phone, and test each zone.

—S. Jones, Amazon

Great product! I am very impressed with the hardware and design of this unit. Very easy to install and set up and it even looks great on the wall. The wiring was simple and so much easier than the traditional screw connections. The wifi was simple to set up and connected on the first try. I actually think it took me longer to disconnect and remove my Rainbird than it took me to install and connect this unit.

—Michael A., Amazon

I love Blossom – finally done with the hieroglyphics of our archaic watering system After months of frustration (and dead plants) trying to decipher the hieroglyphics of our archaic watering system and its user manual (30 pages!!), it took me less than 5 minutes to install Blossom and get it up and running. Now, I know it just works: I can remotely check and change the schedule – in the future add zones with a click. Design is elegant and the app has a very intuitive UX. I love Blossom!

—Franzon, Amazon

Simply amazing!!! This controller took my about 10 mins to switch. The majority of the time was labeling my 12 zones, which the provide nice stickers to do so. The wires slide in perfectly and it connected up just like that. The controller provides its own wireless network so that you can access it easily with your ipad or iphone to connect it to your router. Once that was done it was time to play!!!!

—Neptuneon, Amazon

Junk that old TIMER!!! took me under 15 mins to install(and I’m not handy) this baby is seamless! can I buy stock in these guys???

—SGURTMOMon, Amazon

Great product today that’s only getting better. I bought Blossom through Blossom’s kickstarter. I received a unit from the first batch. It is super easy to setup. My husband and I set it up in less than 15 minutes.

—D Shepardon, Amazon

A GADGET THAT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!!!! I love the ability to manage my home (lights, A/C, cameras, garage door etc) from my iPhone and this smart sprinkler control is just another gadget that I feel helps not just control my home but also save me money

—Beto H., Amazon

Blossom timer is easy to install and Works Great! I was given the Blossom timer as a gift and my initial reaction was, ” i have to install this?” im not a do it yourselfer. I took 5 minutes to review the installation instuctions. To my surprise, it took me 15 minutes to remove my old unit and install the new Blossom unit. I always found my old Timer to be very confusing to program but not Blossom. I downloaded the Blossom App to my phone and I programmed days for watering in no time

—Shely S., Amazon

Beautifully simple & smart water controller Blossom is great! It looks beautiful mounted on the wall. Installation of the hardware was quick and easy. Software setup was simple too! After the install, I tested each zone and configured them without any problems.

—Michael D., Amazon

Awesome Product Love the design and how easy it all works. Super easy to install. Simply replacing the old sprinkler controller with the new. Took about 15 min to get all connected with the app. Wired up 6 zones and tested them perfect first try

—Constanzaon, Amazon

The best smart irrigation controller on the market This is an excellent example of how smart home devices should be designed. Flawless installation. Crystal clear instructions. Super simple setup. App is well designed and easy to use. Well done Blossom. Well done.

—Brian R., Amazon

The Blossom Smart Watering Controller Is a MUST HAVE Product This Product is GREAT!!! Easy to install, easy to connect and worked just as advertised right out of the box.

—Maryann J., Amazon

Blossom was very easy to install and works exactly as advertised It’s great that it doesn’t need to be too close to a wifi router because the outside of the house is far from where ours is. Blossom is one of the best sprinkler controllers out there!

—Austin H., Amazon

Wow! Simple, slick, and powerful… Love it! My husband brought one home for us to try… we have 10 zones across front and back yard. Packaging is beautiful, the product is nicely designed… very similar to NEST with a template for hooking up the cables and then you mount the brains on top. Set up took less than 15 minutes and most of that was mounted the product on the wall – so cool that it is rated for outdoor use. The app is simple and easy to use… and I love the idea that new features are coming soon via software updates. We plugged in the unit and the Powerline bridge and it just worked – no config or anything

—Online shopaholic momon, Amazon

I love that I can take a picture of each zone … OK. So, I ordered the Rachio and returned it because it was so hard to install and didn’t actually work once I had it installed. I got a free “Water Dex” from my water company – that just plain old didn’t work – too unreliable. I then ordered this Blossom and I just wish that I could have started here!! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted.

—Stephanie B., Amazon

This is the coolest gadget of the year! I love being able to manage all my zones form my iPhone from anywhere in the world. Had it running for 2 weeks and my lawns have never looked so lush. Hats off to you Blossom!

—Steven M., Amazon

Great product Easy to install, clear instructions, great app. This solved my biggest lawn problem this year! If you are serious about conserving water, don’t mess around – this is the best watering controller on the market.

—ByLarryon, Amazon

Super simple to set up and use Completely changed the way I watered my garden, now I don’t feel guilty about the sprinklers running when it has already rained and I feel we are minimizing the amount water we use. This should be a compulsory product for anyone with a garden.

Craig S., Android

Great Product Very satisfied, easy to use system and app. As someone who travels a lot for extended periods away from home this is perfect

—Jeremy E., Android

Works great! Very happy with my Blossom controller. Did have to call support on a wiring issue (my mistake), they were very helpful.

—Tiden M., Android

Love this technology

—Jim, Android

Am impressed, Pluses–installation was easy, minimal issues with setup. Instructions were clear and concise. Packaging and unit quality seems high. Really helpful to have wireless control especially when fixing irrigation problems. Update 5/27 new version addresses missing app features

—Jim N., Android

Awesome Love it. Works great.

—Mike S., Android

Great product!! I love mine.

—Paul F., Facebook

This product is the best product I’ve installed in a long time – they’ve cracked the connected device set-up experience… from unboxing to working took me 15 minutes (yes, I timed it)… It is a simple, powerful, way to manage your watering budget – and we all need to save water in the current drought in California.

—Malachy M., Facebook

Must have for your water sprinkling system.

Hung H. , Facebook

Just installed my Blossom and it was faster than advertised. Very pleased…

—Brian C., Facebook

It’s beautifully designed so it’s easy on the eyes. Being connected to the internet allows it to be smart and let’s me be blissfully ignorant while still ensuring that my garden still gets the appropriate amount of watering.

—Micheal D., Blog

Got my kickstarter blossom today. Installed in under ten minutes, sprinkler schedule set in two. Very impressive and works right out of the box, looking forward to app updates

—Paul M., Blog