Blossom makes your sprinklers smarter.

Blossom programs itself with the right watering schedule for your lawn, so you can put an end to over-watering.


Blossom Smart Watering Controller

Control from Anywhere.
Automated Weather Analytics.

Blossom 8

Blossom 8
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Blossom 12

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  • Zones



  • Connectivity


    WiFi and Powerline2

  • Xona Technology

    Your yard is a diverse ecosystem of grass, trees and plants. Each zone is specifically watered based on layout and vegetation.

  • Placement


    Indoor and Outdoor

  • iOS App

    Download the Blossom App for an iOS device from the Apple Store.

  • Android App

    Download the Blossom App for an Android device from Google Play.

  • Dimensions

    W: 6.93” H: 6.93” D: 1.55”

    W: 7.04” H: 7.04” D: 2.00”

  • Irrigation Valve Sensing

    During installation, Blossom will automatically detect each connected sprinkler valve by performing a circuit test to validate the wiring for each zone.

  • Price



1 The connector for the Pump Start Relay (PSR) can alternatively be set to support an eighth zone.

2 The Powerline adapter uses your electrical wiring to connect to your home network and is perfect for those environments where your Wi-Fi does not reach.

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