PR-Blossom Founder Advocates-April 2015

Press Release

16 April 2015:
MEDIA ADVISORY: Blossom Founder Advocates Water Conservation, One Yard at a Time

WHAT: Water usage in the United States is rising every year, and the pressure is on all across the country to conserve water — with California being hit the hardest. For the first time in state history, Gov. Jerry Brown has mandated a cut in urban water use statewide by 25 percent — leaving consumers wondering just how they can conserve water. With yards at the forefront of water waste, what if there was a way to keep lawns lush and green — while still complying with the new usage restrictions? The answer lies in the Golden State’s own back yard.

WHO: Manrique Brenes, CEO of California-based Blossom, advocates water conservation, one yard at a time. With a background in consumer electronics at companies including Skype and Cisco — Brenes previously spent a decade in the irrigation industry, taking on multiple roles involving engineering, product development and sales of residential, commercial, and agricultural irrigation equipment.

If you are working on any articles related to the current water crisis — Brenes can provide expert insight, views and opinions that can speak to the drought, water irrigation and water conservation issues.

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