12 Zones
Wi-Fi & Powerline Connectivity
Indoor & Outdoor Placement
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Blossom 8

Blossom 8

8 Zones
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Indoor Placement
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Both Controllers have these features:

Anytime, Anywhere

Control your yard from anywhere. A little more water, a little less. Blossom 8 keeps things simple.

XonaTM Technology for Unique Yards

Blossom assesses hundreds of data points when determining a customized watering solution for your yard.

Save Up To 30% On Your Water Bill

Blossom self-programs based on real-time weather data, lowering your water bill up to 30%.

Easy Installation

1. Replace your old sprinkler controller
2. Download the Blossom App
3. Connect Blossom 8 to your Wi-Fi
4. Start Saving

Your Built-In Meteorologist

Blossom 8 uses real-time weather analytics and forecasts to make watering more accurate.

Connect over Wi-Fi

An Internet connection is all it takes. Program up to 8 zones and let Blossom 8 do the rest.

Irrigation Valve Sensing

During installation, Blossom will automatically detect each connected sprinkler valve by performing a circuit test to validate the wiring for each zone.

State-of-the-Yard Technology

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Meet the Blossom App

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