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Blossom 8

Product Information

We Have a Water Problem

Water usage in the United States is a rising concern every year, and the pressure is on all across the country to conserve water. Much of the water we use can be attributed to landscape irrigation and up to 50% of that is wasted due to over-watering. Adding to the problem, a majority of the residential sprinkler systems used today rely on antiquated timers that do not take into account the actual water requirements of the plants in your yard. Most people have no idea how much to water or do not bother to make the manual adjustments needed when weather conditions or seasons change.

Problem Solved with Smart Watering

Blossom eliminates this guesswork with clear uncomplicated controls to allow you to refine your watering schedule in seconds. No more aimless tinkering with your old sprinkler controller. We’ve designed Blossom for busy people looking to simplify their lives. Blossom makes your sprinklers smarter by making all the difficult watering decisions on your behalf. Our Smart Watering algorithm gathers local weather data, plant information, and site-specific conditions to formulate and apply the smartest adjustments every single day to help you conserve water—all the while saving you money on your bill.

Introducing Blossom 8

After successfully launching the first 12-zone indoor/outdoor smart watering controller and delivering all of the benefits of a smart yard, we set out to make our solution more widely available to even more homes by making our proven technology accessible to everyone – at a more affordable price! Blossom8_Controller_Cover_Web Blossom 8 has been designed with the belief that smart home technology should make life easier instead of more complicated. Simple to setup and install, it’s an exceptional value supporting up to 8 sprinkler zones and no requirement to integrate with any costly home automation platform. Additionally, Blossom 8 doesn’t cost much more than a conventional 8-station sprinkler controller and is priced lower than any other smart controller available today. We created Blossom 8 for placement indoors with all the equivalent features and functionality as the original including enhanced Wi-Fi performance providing superior connectivity to our cloud service – a wealth of specialized data making intelligent decisions that allows you to truly ‘set it and forget it ’.

Painless Installation

Setting up Blossom 8 is even easier and offers a chance to tackle a simple DIY project that guaranties a high degree of success! Replace your old controller in 15 minutes or less. Once you have Blossom mounted, it’s basically a plug-and-play device, which means you can start realizing the benefits of smart watering practically right out of the box. You can continue to use your existing wiring, valves and sprinklers — no digging or expertise required. There’s not much to it…really!

Anytime, AnywhereBlossom_8_App

The Blossom app is the connection to your irrigation system no matter where you are. Control your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. The Blossom app is downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play and supports all Blossom products.

Conserve and Save

No yard is created equal and over-watering doesn’t just hurt your plants, it hurts your wallet. Blossom 8 continuously fine-tunes just how much to water and provides your plants with the exact amount they need, when they need it, resulting in a watering plan tailored specifically for your lawn and garden. Start saving today and let Blossom pay for itself. Conserve water and save money.